• Private Airport Hanger

    Advanced systems integration and facilities management

  • Medical Technology

    Operating Room Software and Monitoring Integration

  • Wing™ Call Prepaid Phone Cards Website

  • Energy Monitoring

    Where is it all going? We can show you …

  • Engage™ Area Denial

    We specialized in graduated use of force.

Custom Software Development

  • Intuitive User Interface Design
  • Product Roadmaps and Release Planning
  • Specialty Application Development
  • Integrated Website Development
  • Advanced User Analytics
  • Database Driven Issue Management

System Integration

  • Automation & Integration
  • Data Mapping and Mining
  • Proof of Concept Systems
  • Technology Planning
  • Touch Interface Design


“I looked for two years for someone who could do what they do – there is really not anyone out there.”

“They are push the envelope kind of people. They get very creative.”

“The Leadership is smart and experienced.”