AVAI Special Systems addresses our client’s mission critical technology to manage and control the physical world. The business of AVAI Special Systems is to design, engineer, project manage, and integrate solutions for complex technology projects. We do this by creating electronic architectures that leverage the appropriate technologies to fit our client’s needs and budget. While this may extend into a variety of industries and endeavors, our specialty is in providing complete design-build delivery of all aspects of the projects on which we engage.

AVAI Special Systems approaches projects from several perspectives including:

An Engineering System Integration Consulting Firm. We are an engineering company capable of providing professional design, deliver and support services for all our clients’ electronic and technology needs. Our solutions enable an unmatched user experience, one which is based on our ability to deliver systems that are easy to use, reliable, and completely converged.

Domain and Development Expertise. We understand that time is money and that non-intuitive products simply do not get used. We provide state of the art, cost effective electronic and software solutions to the unique challenges in our domain. We do not build for the mass market. AVAI Special Systems domain areas include:

  • Health-care Solutions
  • Energy Management
  • Resource Conservation
  • Public Facilities Communications
  • Proof of Concept and Product Development
  • Mobile Surveillance
  • Advanced Network Infrastructure
  • Facility Automation & Security
  • Observatory Automation

Holistic Approach- the Total Client Experience. AVAI Special Systems provides our clients with a single entity to fulfill all their system integration needs. We take a holistic approach to providing electronic architectures. Our philosophy is that the true power of technology lies not in the individual components, but in the comprehensive integration of the electronic products and services. We excel in the use and inter-connectivity of applied technologies, providing the consulting and integration knowledge to allow clients to take advantage of this convergence.

AVAI Special Systems believes:

  • When properly employed, the essence of technology is increased productivity and lifestyle improvement.
  • Knowing how and when to use what technologies to produce optimum custom solutions, however, requires knowledge and experience.
  • In delivering on 100% of our commitments to our clients and to each other.
  • It is alright to take risks and make mistakes as long as we right our own wrongs and learn as we grow.
  • That process and meritocracy drives execution excellence.

AVAI Special Systems’ team of certified professionals includes:

  • Professional Technical Managers
  • Project Managers
  • Engineers – ECE, EE, ME , IE, Field
  • Software Developers
  • Graphic Designers
  • Networking Professionals
  • Technicians
  • Subject Matter Experts


“I looked for two years for someone who could do what they do – there is really not anyone out there.”

“They are push the envelope kind of people. They get very creative.”

“The Leadership is smart and experienced.”