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Custom Software Development

Custom Design-Deliver Solutions

AVAI Special Systems is an organization you can come to for assistance with your technology challenges no matter what they might be. We’ve designed and built custom solutions for clients in many different vertical business spaces. So, let us know what your challenge is, and I’m sure we can propose a solution.

Wing™ Call Prepaid Phone Cards Website

Our client needed to get their pre-paid calling service on the web ASAP in order to remain competitive. Through a rapid prototyping approach, AVAI was able to take the site from idea to reality in less than 90 days!

Energy Monitoring and Resource Conservation

When a client wanted to restore a historic, landmark restaurant into a state of the art dining experience, they wanted to also ensure that the end result was environmentally conscious. In addition, the client wanted their customers to visually see the impact that their large array of solar panels was having on the
restaurants total energy needs. AVAI development a visually appealing and simple to understand touchscreen interface for the restaurant lobby that allows
customers to explore the available energy savings data.

When a client asked us if we could help them save resources and money, AVAI Special systems developed several solution to monitor and control resource usage which ultimately lead to cost savings for our client and a net positive impact to the environment.

Digital Evidence Management

How do you keep digital evidence secure from the point of collection to the court room to be able to prove that the data was not tampered with? That was the
question our client asked, and AVAI developed a prototype system that used the latest in digital storage security along with intuitive user interfaces to answer
the question our client asked.


“I looked for two years for someone who could do what they do – there is really not anyone out there.”

“They are push the envelope kind of people. They get very creative.”

“The Leadership is smart and experienced.”