AVAI adheres to a detailed design-build process. It is important to understand exactly what is going to be built before the process of building begins. Most clients have an idea of what they want to build, but they do not have detailed requirements and specifications. So, the design process consists of a series of client meetings to gather requirements and performance specifications. Then, AVAI documents the client articulated requirements and specifications in various formats including prose, spreadsheets, engineering drawings, flowcharts and graphical concepts. If required, a fully developed graphical user interface is created to ensure the end product will meet the client’s expectations.


Based on the client approved design assets outlined above, AVAI provides the client with detailed product build deliverables and options with pricing and build schedules. In addition, product support options are discussed and agreed upon so that the properly level of documentation and training can be developed along side the product build. Once approved by the client, the build work begins. The client is updated regularly on the build progress. Depending on the nature of the product, the client may or may not be involved in unit and performance testing. However, clients are always involved in user training and acceptance testing.


After the product is placed into a production status at substantial completion of the build process, AVAI will begin the previously agreed support process for the product. As with all technology systems, formal maintenance and upgrade processes are executed as required by design.


“I looked for two years for someone who could do what they do – there is really not anyone out there.”

“They are push the envelope kind of people. They get very creative.”

“The Leadership is smart and experienced.”