• Private Airport Hanger

    Advanced systems integration and facilities management

  • Medical Technology

    Operating Room Software and Monitoring Integration

  • Private Observatory

    Astrological observation system software and integration

  • Area Denial Monitoring Software

    Automated enforceability of restricted areas

  • Engage™ Area Denial

    We specialized in graduated use of force.

System Integration

Engage™ Area Denial

The Engage™ Area Denial System provides situational awareness and enables personnel to enforce non-lethal control over a larger area / facility than they would otherwise be able to directly control. In effect, the system provides non-lethal force multiplication by enabling advanced monitoring, control and area denial capabilities.

Target deployment environments and uses include providing perimeter and/or corridor security for temporary, semi-permanent and permanent facilities in high risk / high value locations. Other applications include providing perimeter and/or corridor security for government and private sector facilities such as prisons, embassies, and financial institutions. More …

Health Care Solutions

AVAI Special Systems helped our client develop an intuitive, extensible, and maintainable custom user interface to control all aspects of their endoscopi operating room system. This system included integrated video teleconferencing capabilities. Through this project we also develop a method for transporting multi-media content over the internet to any end location. This methodology can be applied to any vertical. So, if you have a need for secure, multimedia content distribution over the internet, give us a call.

Observatory Automation

Run your observatory like a Tivo? Sure, we can do that! When our client came up with the idea that he wanted his private observatory to act like a digital video recorder in terms of look ahead, record, and playback functionality, AVAI develop an interface and associated integration systems that allowed the client to:

  • view future astronomical events
  • select events for the telescope/camera system to record (weather permitting)
  • playback capture images at anytime in the comfort of the co-located spa / viewing area

Digital Signage Automation

Ads in bars on their TV displays? You bet! When asked to help prototype a system to deploy database stored content including ads to existing displays in bar / restaurants settings, AVAI quickly developed and deployed the initial test systems for Barfly Interactive Networks, Inc. which operates as an entertainment and interactive advertising company. The company converts television screens in bars in to interactive systems for entertainment and advertising. It offers digital signage for food and drink specials, live music schedules, hours of operation, and special events.


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